The rhythm of Portland

Music plays a big part in the Oregon lifestyle as well as among the different cultures represented in Portland. As a result, the rhythm of Portland reflects the diversity of our country's music - Native American, Contemporary, Rock and roll, Country, Rhythm and blues, Jazz, Pop, Electronic music, and Hip hop.

However, throughout the years, the state, far West, has been isolated from the cultural forces shaping American music. As Oregon's population was more homogeneous and less influenced by the musical expression of the civil rights movement for instance, as was the case in other regions of the United States.

Oregon's most significative contribution started in the 1960s, when The Kingsmen and Paul Revere & the Raiders named Oregon as a minor center of frat rock and garage rock.

In the last decade however, Oregon has put itself on the map, making unique contributions to American independent music, with a strong indie music scene developing in Portland. The city is famous for being the hipster Mecca and has seen the rise of The Decemberists, Gossip, The Dandy Warhols, M. Ward, and the late Elliott Smith. With Floater as Portland's leading example of an indie band. 

The state also has a unique rural-urban dynamic, which has contributed to the development of local bluegrass, folk, and alternative country music scene.

Jam bands are also popular throughout the state, dating back to the Grateful Dead performances at the Oregon Country Fair, and outdoor music festivals are also very popular.

Portland's Waterfront Blues Festival is the second largest blues festival in the country. Prominent cultural institutions include the Oregon Bach Festival, Oregon Festival of American Music, Oregon Symphony, and Mt. Hood Jazz Festival.

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