The good food

Even if you are not a foodie at heart, there is no doubt that food is a top priority, especially when one is traveling. Food is a necessary to have the energy to walk around all day, but it's also an ideal way to discover a specific location's culture. Enjoying a nice meal in a typical restaurant is often an experience to remember, wherever you travel.

So let's have a look together to the very best food you can find and taste during your trip to Portland.

1. Marionberry pie

This sweet and delicious pie was born right here in Oregon, and, to this day, Oregon is still one of the only producers of this delicious fruit.

2. Dungeness Crab

We don't have to introduce this amazing product, its reputation precedes it! 

If you say Oregon, you say Dungeness crab.

3. Moonstruck Chocolates

If you are a romantic person, or even just a sweet tooth, you definetly can't pass on these.

Moonstruck Chocolates are the perfect chocolates treats, made by an artisanal chocolate company based in Portland.

4. Pok Pok's chicken wings

When you go to Pok Pok in Portland, it's essential that you try the Vietnamese Chicken Wings.

Sweet, spicy, salty; they will blow your mind.

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