The weather

Portland mist, this is how Portlanders like to call the rain here.

In fact, the city of Portland is not the rainiest place in the area. Despite its rainy reputation, Portland doesn’t even make the top ten U.S. cities with the highest annual rainfall.

However, Portland ranks third on the list of cities with the rainiest days in the country, with 164 rainy days a year. 

What might be good to know before you book a trip is this: Portland has four months of very rainy weather and four months of very dry weather. 

Here are the rain numbers:

  • November, December, January, and February - 55% of the rain record
  • March, April, May, and October - 32% of rain record.
  • June, July, August, and September - 5 inch of rainfall.
  • The end of May - End of Portland and Oregon’s rainy season. 

The Summer season

From July to September days are warm and evenings long. The sun doesn't set before 9 p.m. Rain is uncommon and humidity low.

It's the prefect time of year to visit our city.

The Fall season

Starting from October, the fresh breeze starts to come up from the river, and the weather starts to cool down. 

We start to record some raining days, but the real drop of temperature arrives between November and December.

The Winter season

Every year we dream of a white Winter, but we usually get rain instead.

It's actually a rare event to witness a snowfall in Portland. But as locals will tell you:

Rain in Portland means snow on nearby Mount Hood.

The Spring season

Spring might not be the best weather to visit Portland. But if you are not afraid to get wet, you will be amazed by the beautiful blossoming nature and invigorated by the chill air of our countryside.

Besides, Spring days often start rainy but eventually clear up, with blue skies and sun. 

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