What to pack

You should always be prepared for a chance of rain when visiting Portland. Like Seattle, our city is known to be one of the cloudiest and wettest cities in the US—not so much because of the amount of rain we get, but because of the number of days with rain. 

Weather conditions aside, Portland is a wonderful city to walk through, so be sure to pack ther right pair of shoes.

Locals swear by Birkenstock sandals or Dr. Martens shoes, depending on the season. Although you might see them wear one or the other, year round!

In the Summer, it can still get pretty cool at night, so remember to always bring a sweatshirt with you. 

In the Winter, the trick is to layer up. This way, when the clouds lift you will just be a layer away from enjoying the sunnier weather.

Also, for the shutter-bug, Portland is the perfect city to make use of your photo equipment, with so many different aspects of the city which you will want to capture and take back home with you.

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