Don't try the Royal Burger

Written on 08/08/2021
Kimberly Stewart

This restaurant (the Royal Burger) was recommended by our tour guide because of the wonderful panorama the restaurant offers. At the beginning the restaurant looked cozy and cute but when the food arrived on the table, saying that it was a disappointment would be an understatement!

We ordered the burger of the house, which was simply disgusting, no better if not worst than what you can get in a fast food.

In case that wasn't enough, the waiters were not nice at all, and plain rude when we had the audacity to ask that they cook the meat better (it was almost raw). When our order finally came back, we realized they had switched our regular burger for chicken burgers! Unbelievable.

The menu was $12. Cheap, but still not worth it, take our word for it! 

Would have been way better off grabbing a sandwich by the river side.

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